Furniture SketchesThe purest form — a cube — a project perimeter.
Capitol Business Interiors dissects space, considers the connection between user and environment and analyzes your challenges from multiple perspectives.

Our industry is shifting, and the spaces we create are shifting.
Our design process begins with the simplest of ideas, and determines the unique needs within your space to respond to the ever-changing work landscape.


Our identity represents who we are.

It’s not just an image, it expands into a series of icons, each symbolizing a phase in Capitol Business Interior’s dynamic design process. Each icon seamlessly shifting into the next phase as we facilitate your project needs and transform your space.

We encourage you to expand upon and explore each individual phase.

Contact PhaseProgramming PhaseDesign PhaseAcquisition PhaseInstallation PhaseService Phase

We want our valued clientele to understand the process, be a part of the process and ultimately succeed as a direct result of the process.


Collaborative meeting

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